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Stingless bee honey 200g

RM 70.00

‘Kelulut Kasih’ Stingless Bee Honey is very popular among Malaysians because it is rich in antioxidants, gives energy and a great memory booster. This honey comes with various names such as Meliponine honey, stingless bee honey (SBH), pot-honey and also Kelulut honey  especially in Malaysia. It is a valuable bee product and has medicinal properties.

Some benefits of Stingless Bee Honey:

  • It is an organic and healthier alternative to white sugar
  • It helps in lowering bad LDL cholesterol
  • It helps to reduce heart disease, a risk factor in people with diabetes
  • It helps to lower blood pressure
  • It helps in relieving pain from burns and aids in healing wounds faster
  • It helps to suppress coughs and sore throat
  • It helps to relief digestive issues
  • It helps in fighting infections

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